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Break free from real science! Bored of antimatter always being the same old antimatter that gets used in photonic drives and political bomb threats? Well, edit away! This wiki is Wikipedia, but without the basis in reality!

364 articles since the discovery of the Trevors-Phalen Mass Centrosystemic Field!


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17 December, 2018
If you are the creator of this wiki, please leave a message here, because i woulde like to inform you that the wiki is not dead and i am getting all my friends on it as well.
Greetings, technobabble editor mishalalsari.
30 April, 2011
The wiki is not yet abandoned.
The fact remains that I do the IB and I haven't found people totally interested enough in this for another visit, but the Universe of Universe still needs expanding. I will do that when I have the time - the problem is that I do not at the moment. Bear with me.
17 November, 2010
New design!
Despite the angst in these pat few months, now that there is a new design for Wikia I HAVE TO MAKE A NEW LOGO AND ALL THAT JAZZ. AFTER FINALS. OK?!
28 January, 2010
Let's keep working at it.
...Who am I talking to?
17 September, 2009
216 Articles...
Um...16 articles in 3 months. Hm. We may need a little work. But 216 articles. Can you figure out the significance?
14 July, 2009
Not enough updating!
Well, since it's only me and Bookaholics - but there will be more! I insist on trawling in all the guys at BSGF and NGC in here! Anyhow, congrats to all of us on getting to 200 articles, and it only took us a year and a half! Let's keep up the good work!
11 January, 2008
100 Articles!
We believe that Theehundrith Arrtikel may be coming about...
1 January, 2008
Happy New Year!
2008 has just passed behind us, so here's hoping we can build this wiki up over the new year of 2009! Happy New Year! Need more members desperately...

Agent1022 16:06, 31 December 2008 (UTC)

11 December, 2008
General Help Page
Our ever-loving TiMeMaStEr has created a general help page tailored to this wiki here.
3 December, 2008
Two things
From now on, two things should be done on this wiki:
  1. If you want the page to go further but you don't have time to attend to it right now, leave a note on the talk page detailing the bare bones of the unwritten information so that people won't add stuff that doesn't adhere to yours.
  2. Spellcheck. If you can't be bothered or your english isn't so great, then just place {{Template:Spellcheck}} at the end of it.

Universe of Universe Quote of the Day

"Who am I? You may want to perhaps just make me up; I'm currently just two quotes and a name." -The Bard

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Quantum Space Pocket -3041-8756


The first-ever victim of the @-bomb. During the SmarT War of 2134, SmarT Co. Inc. Industries bombarded this region of spacetime, which was then known as Quantum Space Pocket #3041-8756 and was part of a Coalition border fortification. The region was destroyed utterly in all forms and no one survived.

Featured media

Planet 56

Planet 56's main continent Ryafth glows brightly even in the nightside of its sun due to the massive amounts of Cerschodnium in its crust and atmosphere.

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