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A quantum space pocket is the common name of a particular region of space and all its Brizospace, subspace, superspace, quantum space, and probability space equivalents. They are formed from quantum fluxuations creating a "pocket universe" off of another universe, and are therefore extremely rare.

Discovery Edit

The first quantum space pocket was discovered by Albright Einstein when he was 2 months old, however, no one knew what he was saying when he tried to tell them, and he eventually forgot when he got to speaking age. Therefore, the discovery of the quantum space pocket is credited to Zebulan Nix, who discovered one when he was caught in a quantum fluxuation and miraculously survived and found a way back to his home universe of @XL#$+. He published papers on the "pocket universes" along with a 500 page account of his adventure in his book The Pocket Universe.

Creation Edit

Quantum space pockets are formed when there is a Quantum fluctuation that creates a new "pocket universe" off of the main universe. This fluctuation is quite rare, as the likelihood of a universe having one is a probability of 1 in 489,234,640,370,001. Quantum space pockets may have the same laws of physics, laws of probability, and Swiss cheese, or they may not. Quantum space pockets may sometimes engulf a planet or even a whole solar system or galaxy.

Solved Mysteries Edit

The Quantum Space pocket solved the mystery of several disappearances of planets, solar systems, and galaxies. It has also solved the disappearances of several people, including General Nillion IV.

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