Pi is the essential measure of nerdity. Click here to view the first million digits of pi.


Pi has had an interesting history throughout the Universe of Universe. Although methods for calculating pi were discovered, forgotten, rediscovered, lost again, stepped on, eaten, regurgitated, smashed, reconstituted then used to wrap sausages, torn into confetti, poured into a wood chipper, collected, painstakingly glued back together, published and sat in a library for years before finally being burned as heresy during this period, there is surprisingly not much to say about this time. The real history begins after 2020:

The 2020 Information WipeoutEdit

The 2020 Information Wipeout destroyed many industrial supercomputers' processes. The supercomputers were designed to correlate information of raw material movement throughout the world via the Holo-Net. However, the wipeout caused these computers to suffer from "idle syndrome". However, setting them to calculate pi helped them to overcome the syndrome and restore function as soon as the nets were back on.

Pi in NerdityEdit

It was ruled in the Multiversal court in 2222 that pi was the essential measure of Nerdity. This helped finish off the distinctions between the levels of Nerdity once and for all.


Nerds memorize pi. For fun.