Nonpropertyium (or its colliquial, Nonpropertium) is a freespace element (meaning that it exists in its natural form only in space) that has the odd property of not having any properties. It is used in the creation of the Mercury Drink, and also is involved in the refocusing of Polaron emitters.


Color: None
Shape: None
Atomic Weight: None
Atomic Mass: None
Translucency: None
Opacity: None
Spacial Dimension R Values: None
Inherent Radiation: None
Half-life: None
Cheese: None
Knowledge of Pi: None
Goldfish: None
GSOT Importance: None


What is truly unknown about Nonpropertyium is why it has the property of not having any properties. If this were true, Nonpropertyium would cause paradoxical destruction wherever it goes. This is probably why it is a freespace element.