Nerdity is an interuniversally accepted scale of nerdiness. It consists of various degrees in terms of Nerd Levels. The one unifying factor of judging Nerdity is through the value of pi.

Nerd LevelsEdit

These following are the Multiversal Court's official definitions of Nerdity:

Nerd Level -5Edit

Brainless, spineless cowards that take out their insecurity on Nerd Levels 2-5 through severe abuse and bullying. Extremely athletic and popular, while having almost no knowledge of anything outside of sports. People of Nerd Level -5 usually bully, blackmail or coerce members of Nerd Levels 1-5 to do their work for them, therefore cultivating a false image of their academic prowess to authority figures and encouraging them to turn a blind eye to any charges against them brought up by lesser (in their eyes) people.

Knowledge of pi: Nonexistent

Nerd Level -4Edit

See Nerd Level -5, although those of -4 are less likely to be constantly on the sports arena and more likely to be constantly combing/spiking/ruffling/gelling/dyeing their hair in sync with what is currently "cool" (in other words, conforming to their peers).

Knowledge of pi: Couldn't care less

Nerd Level -3Edit

Highly dangerous. Smart enough to scrape by with their work, but not smart enough to have anything resembling ethics. Not reliant on people of higher Nerd Levels and therefore will abuse with impunity. One upside of this is that as their work is usually sub-par and that authority figures are less likely to let their acts slide.

Knowledge of pi: The Meat kind, or the Apple kind?

Nerd Level -2Edit

Better-than-average athletic prowess. Although -2s have a rudimentary sense of ethics, they will often make a lot out of athletic feats and belittle others in the process.

Knowledge of pi: Rudimentary

Nerd Level -1Edit

Average crowd people. Average academics and athletics. These are the ones that conform to the -5s and -4s.

Knowledge of pi: 0-2 digits

Nerd Level 0Edit

Crowd people that fit in well enough, but are slightly less athletic and slightly more academic. Also less likely to conform than -1s.

Knowledge of pi: 3-5 digits

Nerd Level 1Edit

Slight difficulty when it comes to social situations. Also not very athletic and spends over 30% of their time reading. Does not try to conform to the -5s and -4s, and usually has a medium-sized circle of friends.

Knowledge of pi:5-49 digits

Nerd Level 2Edit

Medium difficulty when it comes to social situations. Athletic skill is restricted to certain sports, usually running (from the -3s to -5s). Conformity status may vary: some actively try to conform in order to fit in, some actively resist conformity in order to stand out. Most of these are in between. Friends may also vary: everything from medium-size circles to imaginary circles is common when viewed as a whole.

Knowledge of pi: 50-999 digits

Nerd Level 3Edit

Antisocial and unapproachable, always comes up with a logical and effective solution to any problem. Does not care about conformity and friends are few and far between. Model citizens. Are prone to send messages to nerds level [3-5] in binary language and re-compiling on the other end.

Knowledge of pi: 1,000-999,999 digits

Nerd Level 4Edit

These usually are found at universities and particle accelerators. A step back from 3s when it comes to social situations, as these often have a few friends to each one. Usually humorous, but no one below level 2 ever gets their jokes. Nonconformists and proud of it.

Knowledge of pi: 1,000,000- digits

Nerd Level 5Edit


Knowledge of pi: As many digits as there are currently known

Nerd Level $ ^2 $ Edit

Omniscient times 3 divided by 17 plus 16.3424888 squared to the e=mc$ ^2 $ power. These are very rarely found, in the world.

Knowledge of pies: Knows every single pie in the universe, including its origins and taste.