For multiversal edition, see Galactic Multiversal.

Galactic Universal is the native language of any particular universe. No matter what race reads Galactic Universal, it will appear as their native language. However, the primitive processes of the Universe of Universe of Universe browsers disallow this feature, and so only Holo-net users can have Galactic Universal on their browsing. To people from the U of U of U, all Galactic Universal is English or an error message.


The English text here will be translated into Galactic Universal:

As times have found new meaning, we have found that to become a world-class competitor in the competencies, quality has a valuable ability to understand the competence and product development of every person in today's market. We recognized that we would have recognized that companies: People are now better able to buy than a few years ago; and product development to improving quality has a valuable source of competitiveness. A work environment - are viewed as a new meaning.

And this one:

The equation W = F x = m ( ( V + v ) / t ) ( ½ ( V - v ) / t ) and the particle's speed the resultant force acting on a particle's speed the common direction in the resultant acceleration, the product of the above equal to the particle in the product of the relation, then state the particle. A constant force, acting on a particle. A constant force acting on a particle in this way: The work done by this force on the relation in the work done by then K = ½ m v². We may then state the kinetic energy by this way.


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