Fictionite is a light and strong alloy of Fictionium and Realion that is commonly used in the construction of starships. To quote the Gibberish Dictionary's definition:

A metal alloy of Fictionium and Realion. The realism of Realion negates Fictionium's tendency to disintegrate when confronted with proof of nonexistence. However, when bonded with Fictionium, the mass centrosystemic field within Realion slowly leaks out of the interelectronic space, which eventually leads to Realion reverting to Realium with catastrophic effects. For this reason, starships made of Fictionite (namely the Terra- and Polonius-Classes) must "recharge" the centrosystemic field once every 10 Earth-months. However, that is a small price to pay as Fictionite has almost no mass, allowing starships constructed with it to go at speeds much higher than before imagined.


Early usage (2034-2040)Edit

The first ever experimental Fictionite ship was the ILSS Bob shuttle, launched in 2034 with great success. Early production methods of Fictionite made with only rudimentary understanding of the Trevors-Phalen Mass Centrosystemic Field made it impossible to manufacture Fictionite at anywhere near optimal purity, usually resulting in a "mosiac" Fictionite with Realion and Fictionium unevenly blended. This retarded the effectiveness of the spacecraft as a whole and as a result during the 2034-2040 time period (during which the Fictionite creation technique was perfected) most Fictionite ships had to be small as to account for the Astalaris Effect, which if mass was sufficient could possibly rip an unevenly blended sample of impure Fictionite apart into its Realion and Fictionium components. The starships of this period include the Zephyr-, Introversion-, and Polonius-Classes. Of these, the Polonius was most popular and is still in use today.


Blueprints of the Polonius-Class, Page 1.


Blueprints of the Polonius-Class, Page 2.

Later use (2040-2063)Edit

Fictionite ships were extensively used in cargo runs to Alpha Centauri up until the 2063 Solar-Centauran War. Most ships of this period were of shipping and receiving purposes, and were basically flying boxes with pointy bits in the front. Ships of this period were dominated by the Yumelight- and Cosmicality-Classes, which were flying boxes with mounted Rail gun turrets.

Solar-Centauran War (2063-2065)Edit

Fictionite was not used during the Solar-Centauran War mainly because of the Time Paradox of 1943. The temporal wave of superspatial Brizoparticles caused a Brizospace Catastrophe which made the Universe of Universe of this time period to twist approximately 3 multicrons in the 12th dimension and connect to a universe where Fictionite was not dicovered. As a result, the Solar Fleet had to make do with Fictionium Starships, which did not bode well for them when the Centaurans perfected the battle tactic of exposing them to proof of their own nonexistence.

Rediscovery (2065-2066)Edit

As the effects of the Time Paradox faded, the universe began reversing its multicronic twist. This led to the rediscovery of Fictionite as the universe's past returned to its original orientation.

Golden Age (2066-2134)Edit

The Golden Age of Fictionite was during the 68 years between the Rediscovery and the SmarT War of 2134. A new Solar Fleet was formed, and most if not all ships were made of Fictionite. The most prominent classes of ships in this period were the Terra-, Ripov-, Kitbash-, Proclaimer- and Hyperbola-Class. The most prominent ships of this time were the Terra-classes ILSS New Hope and the ILSS Cliché.

SmarT war of 2134 (2134-21XX?*)Edit

The SmarT war of 2134 made extensive use of Fictionite starfighters due to the nonexistence of Fictionite in SmarT's home universe (note: some have postulated that the universe crossed over in 2063 was the SmarT universe. This is plausible, as SmarT's dominance over their universe did not, under their timeline, start until 2099. However, as time flows slightly differently in the SmarT universe, this is no guarantee). However, SmarT soon managed to capture a Skirmish-class starfighter and managed to work out how to create Fictionite with their stolen Trevors-Phalen Mass Centrosystemic Field generators.

*due to the extensive use of @-bombs during this era, the actual time that the war ended is not known.

Now (2200-)Edit

Today's Fictionite starships do not differ much from the starships of the Golden Age. Most of the classes then are still around today. However, notable additions to the official roster are the Babylon- and Adept-Classes.

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