The bigon is a fundemental particle of matter that has no known purpose. However, one of the most notable things about the bigon is that it can be the size of a bowling ball or larger, and that its high electrical charge can be quite destructive.


It was discovered by Professor Albert Manque in 1996, but his story was widely considered a hoax. However, in 2038 the Isaacland Polaron Synchotron proved the existence of the bigon with experimental data and the Lunar Polaron-Proton Synchotron confirmed the results in 2039.

Bigon AccidentsEdit

Due to the destructive nature of a bigon in its extremely high charge, accidents have happened.

  • In 1996, a bigon blew up a computer attached to a vacuum tube apparatus. This was the first reported sighting of a bigon by Albert Manque.
  • In 2008, tests at the then Large Hadron Collider created bigons in large amounts, which ruptured helium containment in several superconducting magnets and shut the LHC down.
  • In 2050, bigons were spontaneously created by transcosmic rays in Earth's atmosphere and landed in the Atlantic Ocean. One of them severely damaged the Isaacland cruise ship ILCS Joyride.
  • In 2068, bigon creation by Centauran ships caused many power failures during the 2063 Solar-Centauran War.
  • In 2099, bigons were found in abundance on the planet now named Bigonia. However, it proved impossible to land on and many probes were lost this way.
  • In 2148, the Bigon Incident at the IPS set the stage for the final burning-down of the complex which led to its supplantation by INTERNATIONAL.
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