Antiplasma Rifle ENT-15

An unpainted ENT-15 on the factory floor.

The antiplasma rifle is a common weapon and a staple of Entente weaponry that utilizes the high destructive properties and the low production cost of antiplasma. It is arguably the most versatile weapon in the world, and has been used throughout history since its creation in 2143.

History Edit

The antiplasma rifle was invented by Charles Van Medaio on March 21, 2143 for SmarT Co. Inc. Industries. Completely dismissing the idea (they were more focused on creating a new color at the time), Charles went to SmarT's opposition, the Entente, who embraced the new technology wholeheartedly and put it up on the black merchandise exchange (this would also begin the Mars Van Mediao SmarT boycott). At the time, the SmarT War of 2134 was still raging and the antiplasma rifle proved its usefulness almost instantly. Realizing their mistake, SmarT managed to get a rifle and mass-produce an alternative model, the SMRT-1 Antiplasma rifle. In response to this, the Entente gave antiplasma rifles to its sister government system, the Coalition. This spread the antiplasma rifle even further. After the war, antiplasma rifles became a staple of Entente military and a major part in warfare. The antiplasma rifle has evolved over the years, and the latest model is the SMRT 42 on SmarT's end, while the latest model on the Entente side is the ENT-15. The Coalition commonly just uses the Entente's models, but necessity led them to combine their matter-antimatter focus technology with the rifle to create the COLT-45.

Statistics Edit

Although models of the antiplasma rifles vary greatly, the newest rifle, the SMRT 42, is the standard for warfare. The SMRT 42 is semi-automatic with 999-shot battery cartridges that have beam or bolt settings. It is easily reloadable and lightweight. It has an effective range of 50 kilometers, and enough power to go through 30 1-kilometer thick steel blocks. It is also able to fire 3 bolts per millisecond when in bolt setting. The COLT-45 uses the Coalition's matter-antimatter focus technology to achieve a high rate of fire (10 bolts per millisecond) and extremely powerful accuracy (close to 200%) which is offset by its relatively quick consumption of energy and having only a bolt setting. The ENT-15, while slightly less accurate and slower-firing, has a supplementary double-borelock action antiplasma canister mounted on the top, which extends firing time before reloading and also enables two extra settings: charged burst and antimatter armageddon self destruct bomb. The latter is not often used, as the planet it is used on (and more commonly, the planetary system and anything in it) usually does not survive.

Health and Environmental issues Edit

A consistent problem in all antiplasma rifles, the fact that the weapon is dealing with antiplasma, serious problems can occur when overexposed. There have been numerous reports of boils from firing an antiplasma rifle for too long, and many war veterans have been experiencing skeletal diseases from the calcium-leeching property of antiplasma. Environmental problems also exist, as used batteries are hard to dispose of. Also, areas that have had long exposure to antiplasma rifles are experiencing desertification, due to the radiation from the antiplasma. Antiplasma, if accidentally fired at fellow soldiers, can cause traumatic death by annhilation.

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