Antiplasma in a Positronium bubble chamber.

Antiplasma is a desubionic antimatter plasma that has been synthesized through the Medaio field from the Anti-Universe. It is used in Antiplasma Rifles as ammunition, and is also instrumental in the focusing of Polaron emitters.


It was discovered in 2143 by Charles Van Medaio during development of the antiplasma rifle. Van Medaio was attempting to use the Trevors-Phalen Mass Centrosystemic Field to accelerate quarks to high speeds in order to create a directed energy weapon for SmarT Co. Inc. Industries, who he supported. However, due to an error in calculating the Trevors-Phalen Equation, the quarks blew a hole in space-time and created a link to the Anti-Universe, which is identical to our universe except in that all that exists over there is antimatter. The hole then began drifting and eventually plunged into an antimatter sun and the resulting gravitational well destroyed most of the research complex. Van Medaio himself risked his life to extract antiplasma from the antisun and would later die an early death from radiation poisoning. With the antiplasma in hand, Van Medaio redirected his research to create a weapon that would utilize it instead, and found success within the year. He presented the rifle to SmarT, but they rejected it, not knowing of its power. Van Medaio, his support of SmarT shattered, gave the rifle to the Entente instead, and later wrote into his will on his deathbed orders to begin the Mars Van Medaio SmarT boycott.

Containment and DuplicationEdit

Antiplasma, like any other antimatter, must be contained within a Magnosphere bottle, a Trevors-Phalen Mass Centrosystemic Field or a container of antimatter. As matter and antimatter annhilate when they come into contact, any other container would result in rampant death and destruction. Duplication of antimatter is a trickier method, which involves using Hawking radiation parallels to counteract matter-energy coeffecients within an infinite amounts of Anti-universes, and the setup of balance-field matter leaching from other Anti-universal locations. Basically, the Medaio field is set up after opening a gateway (remember: hole is redundant!) to an antisun and then leaching the Antiplasma out. The overall matter-energy equation is not disturbed because some Anti-universe right now is leaching from a sun in our universe, therefore making all equal. (Although the term "our universe" is also redundant.)

The Medaio FieldEdit

See main article: Medaio Field

The Medaio Field is basically a magnetic containment field similar is some ways to the Trevors-Phalen Mass Centrosystemic Field but different in that it is specialized for fluxflow of Antiplasma. It was named after Van Medaio after his death in his honor.

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