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Beginning (2134)Edit

The SmarT War of 2134 began in 2134, with a border dispute against the Entente-Coalition border. SmarT Co. Inc. Industries stationed one of its SmarT very-far-away HQs at the border, a strategic trade route junction (sort of like Rest Stop 15 back on Earth). The Coalition, pressured into action due to their nearby border fortifications, launched a chase against the the HQ in full knowledge that the HQ would continually be far away from the fleet. They had not counted on a SmarT Battle Cruiser dropping in. The ensuing battle resulted in the slaughter of the Coalition fleet and began the war.

Skirmishes (2134-2135)Edit

Skirmishes broke out all over the borderworlds, though no one thought these would erupt into total war. The Battle of Bensali changed that. Most notable in the skirmishes here is the one fought on the borderworld Eyeri Sevne (See Sevne Skirmish). In short, Sevne was the location of an abandoned Kilonite mine. The mine collapsed with SmarT forces inside. The Entente-Coalition soldiers dug them out to hold them as prisoners of war. As soon as they were rescued, the SmarT soldiers slaughtered the Entente-Coalition forces and escaped in their ship. This caused a massive uproar over SmarT's lack of ethics.

Battle of Bensali (2135)Edit

The Battle of Bensali was the first ever all-out battle fought during this war. Likened to World War I's Battle of the Somme, Planet 48 was taken over by both SmarT and Entente-Coalition forces, which then sat around consuming resources and firing an occasional shot at each other. The planet was given the name Bensali, because "Ansible was taken." However, the planet's soil, rich in Cerschodnium, began negating the Mind Control Candy the soldiers were fed. Facets of their personality broke through their impassivity, and some broke free completely and escaped to the Entente-Coalition side. The way the battle ended was strange. Some say that prolonged exposure to the land wore down SmarT's soldiers, but in any case, on the night of December 1st, 2135, the SmarT soldiers left Bensali. The entire battle had lasted 8 months.

Quantum Space Pocket #3041-8756Edit

Otherwise known as the @-Bombardment of Ultimate Unfairness, Quantum Space Pocket #3041-8756 was the site of one of SmarT's most devastating victories. Quantum Space Pocket #3041-8756 was the first ever victim of the @-bomb when on December 13th of 2135, a single @-bomb was launched at the only planet in the system, which was one of the Coalition's border fortifications. Due to a spacetime anomaly inherent in the structure of that space (it was near the Island of Zed), the entire region was forced into flux by the @-bomb's destructive power. The region was renamed @noble.

9 millisecond war (2136-2176-2136)Edit

Main article: 9 millisecond war

The 9 millisecond war was one of the longest/shortest battles of the entire war. It originally lasted all the way into 2176, but extensive @-bombardment built up energy and eventually destroyed all but 9 milliseconds of the war. The advent of Temporal Past Syndrome was because of this time destruction.


The war was supposedly ended in 2178, but the 9-millisecond war terminated that timeline. Therefore, the treaty was signed in 2136 but SmarT soldiers kept foiling that with their Time-Hopping Military Undergarments. And so, in being signed and not signed, the war ended in 21½³+¿⅔#²33. But following that, James Kilroy Phalen got involved in a nasty time-travelling accident and blew out the ₪៛₧₰♣♦₢₭₴ signs. Officially in textbooks, the SmarT War of 2134 ended in 21XX.


Plenty of destruction, and humans have one more thing to learn about in History Classes.

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